I specialise in trauma, in particular sexual trauma. I also work with a wide range of difficulties such as anxiety disorders, health anxiety, depression, grief, domestic abuse & self-harm. I also offer couples counselling for relationship difficulties & differences.

I will endeavour to help and support you gain some clarity with how and why you are feeling the way you are, and work with you to help you feel that sense of self again. I will offer psycho-education and support strategies that will allow you to gain some control over what you are struggling with.

I am a firm believer that having some knowledge and perspective on why we feel the way we do can be very powerful in the healing process.

I understand it is important for you to find the right counsellor, therefore, I offer an initial free telephone consultation so that we can explore what is going on for you and also to have an opportunity for you to see how I work and if we could work together.

How do I choose the right therapist for me

There is a lot of terminology around therapy which can be quite confusing. You can find a lot of the terminology explained if you click the link below.

I believe that the relationship between you and the therapist is one of the most important aspects of therapy. You may have had therapy before and didn’t find it helpful. This may have been because the therapist wasn’t quite right for you in that moment. This is the reason why I offer an initial telephone consultation and you are under no obligation to continue if it does not feel right for you. I will do my best to be transparent with how we work together. I will never ask you to discuss anything that you were not comfortable with, and the sessions will progress at your pace.

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